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More Space Place – Update

A custom closet designer will come to your home and listen to your needs. He or she will bring samples of materials and photos of completed jobs. They may even use computer software to create a design. Custom closets are installed by professional designers and can take one day to several weeks to install. You… Read more »

Ivy Kids – Update

If you’ve always been interested in starting a business and want to work with kids, a Kids Education Franchise is a great choice. Many startups fail because of lack of experience, poor business decisions, or lack of market. Franchised childcare businesses provide a proven business model and support, so you can start your own business… Read more »

Deatiled Notes On Closet Storage Space

When it comes to cost, custom built-in furniture can be very expensive. The cost of wood alone can range from $1,000 to $5,000, but if you choose exotic woods and add luxury appointments, the price can reach $10,000 or more. There is no standard cost for custom built-in furniture, and prices will vary wildly depending… Read more »