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If you have been charged with a crime, you will want to hire a criminal defense attorney. Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq. Boston is one of the authority sites on this topic. Listed below are some of the most experienced attorneys.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not cheap. However, the consequences of poor legal representation can be dire. While a misdemeanor might only carry a fine or short jail time, a felony can carry a jail sentence that lasts for decades. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can be a good idea, even if the charges are minor. Read on to learn more about the different types of criminal defense attorneys and how to find one that meets your needs.


The role of a criminal defense attorney is crucial for a defendant’s freedom and protection. A criminal defense attorney will help you evaluate the real-world situation and decide whether a plea bargain is worth the hassle. These attorneys have spent years learning about criminal defense, and they can help you evaluate the reality of your situation. As a result, they can identify important legal rules that could impact your case. While they may seem dull, they are crucial for a strong case.

A criminal defense attorney is able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. Additionally, a criminal defense attorney can explain the hidden costs of pleading guilty. Many people think that they can explain their side of the story in such a way as to protect themselves. However, the truth is that law enforcement officers are trained to obtain information and use it against you. A criminal defense attorney is able to protect your constitutional rights and fight for your freedom.

Besides being an excellent lawyer, criminal defense attorneys must be certified. The National Board of Legal Specialty Certification (NBLSC) is an accredited non-profit organization that recognizes the skills and experience of lawyers. NBLSCA focuses on certification in criminal law, and the National Board of Trial Advocacy is an example of one such organization. As a board-certified criminal defense attorney, you must have excellent oral and written advocacy skills, as well as good investigative skills. A strong defense is the cornerstone of every case, and your lawyer must be well-prepared to handle any conceivable scenario.

Once the charges are filed, your defense attorney will analyze the case. The defense attorney will consider all the evidence and examine all the claims made against you. This may include constitutional violations, prima facie burden of prosecution, affirmative defenses, and potential sentence issues. During the early stages of a criminal case, you may have to go before a grand jury or preliminary hearing. If there was evidence obtained illegally, your criminal defense attorney can ask the court to suppress it.

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