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If you’re planning to hire a lawn care service to maintain your lawn, you might be wondering how much they charge. There are several things you should consider before signing a contract, though, including the distance between your home and the company’s service area. Often, additional costs can arise due to travel time or special equipment needed for the project. The size of your property, terrain, and any obstacles that may hinder the process can also affect the cost.Proformance Turf offers excellent info on this.

Fortunately, there are ways to save money and get the best lawn. Using a lawn care service in Schaumburg can help you save money while still receiving the highest level of service. Unlike doing the work yourself, hiring a professional to take care of your lawn can also help you get repeat business. This is because a good lawn care service has a reputation for providing exceptional work, and they’ll know what to do to make sure you’re satisfied.

A lawn care service offers a wide range of services. You can select the number of visits you’d like to have each week, as well as the kinds of services you’d like the service to perform. Depending on your needs, a lawn care service may offer everything from cleaning up to irrigation repair, hydroseeding, and more. Just make sure you choose one that provides a wide range of services, as some companies specialize in certain tasks.

While some lawn care services offer limited seeding, a full service lawn-seeding is a big job that requires more time and expertise. Fertilizing the lawn three to six times per year is standard for most turfgrasses. Many state universities recommend applying fertilizer three to six times annually, while others may only recommend doing it twice. If you’re not sure how often to fertilize your lawn, a professional will be able to recommend the right schedule for your lawn.

Another option for weed control is a lawn-tree service. Some companies use post-emergent herbicides to kill broadleaf weeds without affecting grass. Others, however, limit herbicide application to areas that have a weed problem. They may also choose to apply herbicides on lawns where you can easily see the weeds. Alternatively, you can use an asparagus knife to remove weeds yourself.

A lawn care service also knows how to combat insect damage. Many pests are attracted to plants, and pest control is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn. A good company will know how to use a proper sprinkler system and recommend an appropriate irrigation system for your lawn. Having a professional lawn care service can also help you reduce your water bill. Insects can cause damage to your lawn and may even result in lawn reseeding.

If you are not comfortable with these procedures, then consider hiring a lawn care service. A lawn care service can also perform core aeration, which removes soil particles and promotes healthy grass growth. These methods are very effective in promoting the growth of root hair. This technique will keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, while at the same time protecting your garden from insects that feed on the roots. By hiring a lawn care service, you’ll get peace of mind and a beautiful yard.