Understanding Artificial Grass

If you are planning to install an artificial grass lawn, it is essential to prepare the sub-base. In mild climates, you can use type 1 stone, gravel, crushed rock, or decomposed granite. You will need a minimum of 3-4 inches of base material. The right sub-base should be firm and absorb surface water quickly. To make sure that your artificial grass lawn is level, use granite dust for the sub-base.
When installing your artificial grass patch, start by measuring the area to be covered. Measure four (4) inches from the edge towards the center. Add a one-inch allowance for any miscalculations. Then, use a carpet cutter to cut the turf along the markings. Next, take the cut turf portion to the installation area. Once you have cut the turf, you can use a chalk line to mark the edges of the turf roll. visit site for more details. Astro Turf Near Me

You should also purchase “good quality” artificial grass. This will increase its lifespan. Make sure to choose a lawn that is made of polyurethane rather than latex and has a UV-protectant coating to protect it from the sun. Without UV-protectant coating, your artificial grass will fade to blue or white over time. If you have pets and children, then you should choose an artificial grass lawn that is hypoallergenic.
When installing artificial grass, you will need to remove the old grass. Trimming your old grass will not do the job. Professionals will dig up the old grass and root system to expose the sub-surface. The old grass can be recycled elsewhere. In most cases, the new grass will grow on top of the old one. Then, you will need to prepare the ground for the new turf. If you are unsure of how to start, consider hiring a professional.
Once you have prepared the soil, you can lay the sub-base material. You may use a weed membrane underlay to prevent water from entering the sub-base material. You may have to use a mechanical turf cutter to dig up the area. You must make sure the base layer is not on top of the top soil. If you have a sub-base layer, you can use planks to create an even surface.
If you plan to install an artificial grass lawn, you must keep in mind the initial cost. Installing artificial grass may cost you five to twenty dollars per square foot, but after this period, you can forget about the upkeep and water bills. Professionally laid sod costs anywhere from fourteen to 60 cents per square foot and requires mowing, fertilizing, and watering. Depending on your choice, the initial investment will be recouped in about seven years.
If you plan to install an artificial grass lawn, it is vital that you purchase the right product. Choose a product that is lead-free. You can find products in the United States that are made with high-quality materials. If possible, look for an artificial grass lawn that has been made in the United States. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes! There are many benefits to installing artificial grass and it is well worth it.